Otherworld formed in 2015 by brothers Conner Lindsay (guitar/vocals) and Ty Lindsay (bass), Otherworld's sound was a created by combining both of the brothers different ideas. The first two EPs “Unto The Void” (2015) and “The Oblivion” (2016) were recorded with drummer Alex Logorz (2015-2016). After Alex’s departure from the band, he was replaced by Chris Sammy in January of 2016. The next month (February 2016) Otherworld would add Austin Baxter as a second guitarist and to complete the four piece lineup.


     The band would start playing shows throughout the state of Florida opening for nationals in St. Pete, Sanford, and Orlando. On April 1, 2017 their first full length album “Upon the Wreckage” was released featuring 10 songs and album art by own bassist Ty Lindsay. Since its release Otherworld has recorded three music videos for songs: “Never to Rise”, “I for an I”, and “Phantom Limb”.


     In July of 2018, Chris Sammy would leave the band to fulfill other endeavors. Otherworld would then find drummer Sean Patrick Sweeney to take his place behind the kit. Otherworld is set to release “Take Me With The Flood” in 2019 while playing shows in various cities. National acts Otherworld has shared the stage with: Seven Kingdoms, Burn Halo, American Evil, Saliva, Adrenaline Mob, Flaw, Crazy Town, Hed PE, and Dellacoma.

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